Camel Archer Attack Speed Mismatch with UI

Game build: 5.0.19801.0

Note: This is likely the same issue that existed for Horse Archer and Mangudai which who were fixed in the Season 2 patch

Issue: Camel Archers attack at a rate of 1.625s, while the tooltip UI lists their attack speed as 1.38s

Reproduction: Play as Abassid, produce a camel archer and a foot archer, select both units, move both units within range of an enemy fortification (a palisade for example) and attack it. Both the Camel archer (listed as 1.38s) and the foot archer (listed as 1.63s) will fire at the same rate (actually 1.625s)

Thank you for reporting @ForTheWolfHHM! There are a few of these that the team is working on.