Camel Nothing (looking to run a pre-release test)

I made a multiplayer scenario, in the style of an 8 player random map. It’s called Camel Nothing. There are four types of (riderless) camels in aoe2, and there are four types of resources. It’s a coincidence no longer.

I’d like for some people to either take a look at it or, even better, test it with me before I figure out how to publish it on the in-game platform. That way I can see if the map works properly for all 8 players and maybe someone will have a brilliant idea to counter the one big bug I have. Testing will most likely happen in the European evening, as my schedule has been closing in on me a little. Although I’m willing to look at all options.

P.S. Yes, I did offer the premier of this nothing map premier to T90, through a message to one of his moderators. I didn’t get a response, so either they’re not interested or they’ve got their own version ready to go. Or they already had one which just doesn’t show up when I google it. Or, you know, that one person just happened to miss my message. But that never happens right? That’s not clearly the most sensible answer at all!

P.P.S. More, more camels!

I would have preferred to edit the opening post instead of adding a reply and bump it, but I made a new post for the actual release of the map, and I guess for anyone finding this topic in the future it makes sense if there’s a link here to where you can actually download this thing: