Camel speed + poor pathing = not good

Yeah my issue with camels again. Had yet another game where opposing knights run away (form usual column) and i can only hit 1 knight at a time while they escape, so much for cams being able to force engagements…

whether i tell my cams to attack any of the knights or patrol them into the knights, whether i tell my camels to move in staggered or column, only 1 camel at a time will hit the escaping knights, then stop moving (hit animation) block the rest of the camels, and try again.

i have to force my camels to run ahead, then patrol again, and hit a few knights, force to run ahead of the knights then patrol again, wasting huge amounts of time. doing incredibly low dps and definitely not forcing an engagement. castle age camels vs knights is really frustrating

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I think it’s an issue in general of melee units not being able to properly chase and hit at the same time.

knights chasing a group of archers, and instead of hitting whenever they can, they kinda bug out and walk in a zig-zag motion.

Pathfinding Melee units stutter/freeze when trying to surround and fight enemy units. Issue resolved in update 39284. Fixed (39284) July.20, 2020

I hope this isn’t the last time they patch pathfinding because it clearly isn’t completely fixed. It’s still far worse than the original pathing in a lot of ways, the stuttering and freezing of units in this game is insane compared to how quickly and efficiently units used to move as a group.

The main thing I noticed is units almost never froze or stopped in older games, if they did it was for like 0.01 seconds, on the contrary they now stutter/stop every 0.01 seconds in DE. As a result, when more than 1 unit chases something they all move at a much slower speed, even the unit in front. Whenever my villager gets attacked by a wolf I just run to the other side of my base to lure my boar with it because they’ll be bumping so much I have to constantly stop to make sure I don’t outrun them.

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