Camel with hay unit

I was doing the dishes and I had a thought about one of the units in the game - the camel with hay (see picture). Given that the Tatars are now a civilisation in the game and there is now a Tamerlane campaign for them, this unit could potentially play an important role.

In Tamerlane’s campaign against the Tughlaq Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, Tamerlane’s forces were opposed by the war elephants of the Indian army. As his horses were afraid of the elephants, Tamerlane loaded hay on his camels and lit them up, driving the camels against the war elephants which then panicked and fled into their own lines, allowing Tamerlane to capitalise and defeat the Sultanate’s forces (see this clip of documentary on Tamerlane -

I hope this unit could be used as an interesting unit for that purpose, may it could be lit on fire and serve a role like a petard or something. What else could this unit be used for? I hope that there are good scenario editor units like camel caravans, ox carts, etc which could be used for scenario making on the Silk Road…and also other eye candy such as trade goods like silk, porcelain, wine, spices, weapons, etc…

What are your thoughts?


You are reveling secret content.

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But how? This was my own thoughts and speculation?! I don’t even have the beta yet. The screenshot was a public posting on the XBox website for AOEII:DE.


AOE2 DE on Steam Achievement ‘DESTROY_DELHI’ confirmed.



this is great!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Where are these achievements listed?