Camels generally arent good?

Not really. There are actually 11 villager units with each job/name being different so it’s obnoxious if they have to create new stuff to alter villagers like that.

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Doesn’t matter bc all villager units are one unit class (like all infantry), so it’s simple to create a new armor class that covers all variations.

Overall I’d like to see camels become slightly better generalists (with slight nerfs to some civ bonuses if necessary), and I think a lot of the suggestions here are on the right track.

I also wonder if giving them +1 general attack would be a good idea (and nerf Hindustani attack rate bonus to maybe +20%, and possibly Gurjara bonus to 35%). 7 melee attack just feels rough for a gold-heavy Imp melee unit when it’s fighting anything other than cav.

I’d also just mention that Camels are still a much better counter than Halberdiers against all Cavalry except Elephants, including Cavalry Archers, since they’ll be able to keep up with the chase whereas Halberdiers will just sadly waddle after them. The only struggle for Camels are Elephants, they have no additional bonus damage against them, so maybe add low bonus damage against Elephants as well? Then again, it’d nerf Elephant civs even more…

Otherwise, I kinda think Camels are in a good spot right now. They’re mostly a counter unit (and only some select civs can turn them with their bonuses into power units).


like I said, it’s not hard to do, in fact it’s very simple, it just takes time to copy paste.


From a modders perspective if you miss even one and forget to apply the armor type players will abuse it! Be very careful not to forget when creating these effects.

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You are conflating HEAVY camels with castle camels. It’s just repetitive to keep saying generic castle age camels

This isn’t true either . Because they neither are cost effective (generic camels Vs buffed knights)

Nor cost effective enough to justify massing them

As in you can cost effectively counter knights, but when do you stop training them? How do you know you only need 22, and the rest of your Res you can spend on offensive tools? Because if you only make 20 suddenly now knights are beating you. You need to match the opposing knights too closely to make this a safe bet.

It’s easy to armchair and say “22 camels beat 22 knights”, but in the actual game how do you know the opponent is only making 22 knights?

Because you can get cornered into having a useless unit if the only the thing that matters is that they barely cost effectively beat knights

Using this same logic pikes and xbows could get +20 dmg Vs camels then? How much more do you need before you realise the logic is flawed

And that’s why the conclusion: either camels should counter Cavalry better (like gurj) or are better generalists for their cost (like Hindus)

I still find it hilarious People are fine with knights being so amazingly good for their cost. It’s fine to have knights counter almost everything in the game, but it’s not find to buff other unit viability. How do you guys justify this logic?

Or is it that you’re subconsciously so resistant to change that you’ll fight anything that upsets that?

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I wouldn’t propose buffs on the level of these 2 civs. You recognise, that both civs have vastly superior camels compared to generic, with multiple bonusses to the unit line.
As with buffing the generic camels, I would in turn tone down Hindu&Gurjara bonusses

The same logic still stands for Castle Age variants (Camels - Pikemen - Cavalry Archers - Knights). Probably early Castle Age the Camels are even more favoured as getting all the techs for your CA is pretty expensive, whereas Camels will pack the punch straight away.

Again, they’re a Counter unit, not a Power unit. They’re meant to counter Cavalry, and they do that (with the exception of Elephants). Because they can actually pick and choose, catch up and keep the pace, and ambush much better than the non-gold version that is Spearman-line, they also are pricier.