Control for rotating camera in AOE 2 DEFINITIVE EDITION as was used in AOE3?

I think no, because AOE 2 DE isnt a 3D game like AOE 3


As @SweetishTooth24 said, AOE 2 is a 2D game, so you can’t rotate in the game, like in AOE 3

Wrong engine AoE - AoE II were made over Genie the engine and AoM , AoE 3 even AoEO over Bang! Engine.

Will AOE 4 PC be 3D and have rotating camera control when released or is that top secret and classified information?
BastingBug3682 Age Insider

Hmm i’m not entirely sure but since all games released after AOE 2 (remasters excluded) were 3D i would say AOE 4 will be 3D. It really has to be to be honest, makes no sense since to make it 2D