Camera Drag Hotkey Bug

You can no longer hold “Shift” while trying to Drag the Camera. This isn’t like this in the retail version but on the PUP it is broken please god fix this.

Hey @Hupsaiya! Can you be more specific about what you are seeing/not seeing here?


When you hold the Middle Mouse Button, it will drag the camera. In the retail version of the game I can Hold the Shift Key and Drag the Camera at the same time.

In the PUP I CANNOT hold Shift and Drag the Camera at the same time. I dunno how to explain it better. It’s really annoying because I will have a unit selected and want to shift queue an order to them, so I need to move the camera but I can’t hold shift while doing it anymore.

Thank you for clarifying @Hupsaiya! I totally get it now. The team will look into what the expected behavior should be. Appreciate it!