Camera location hotkeys issue

I set a camera location assignment to F3[x2], and calling that camera location with F3.

Setting a location with F3[x2] and calling it with F3 does work in game, but can’t reassign it to another location for the rest of the game. If I go to another location and press F3[x2], it takes me to where I already set the camera location, as if I only pressed F3 once.

This is an interesting one because what is happening here is the game is basically being ultra-responsive. As soon as you press that first F3 it’s jumping to that location. If you were to switch around your hotkeys (F3[x2] for calling location, F3 for setting location), I bet it works just fine.

Not saying it’s the only fix, but would you prefer a little less responsiveness, or this hotkey quirk?

The team will investigate, though!

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I see what you mean. The reason I set it up like this is because it’s very easy to set new locations and going to said locations requires pressing 1 key, which is twice as fast as pressing twice. But I understand your explanation, and there might not be a good way to fix this, as making the Go to camera sluggish is much worse.