Camera re-centering after double tapping a control group it's NOT yet fixed

Since 8324 build the camera re-centering behaviour has changed. Now it displays the unit in the control group with the shortest distance to all other units in the group.

This may seem great on paper, but the reality shows that it doesn’t perform as intended.

Example of a non-sensical result:

The scout in the middle it’s the one with the shortest distance to all other units in the control group, but this isn’t what any player would like to see.

A real play example would be: on the right we could have the 5 surviving units of a control group and on the left the reinforcing units coming. Double tapping would just show one lonely unit that it’s coming, instead of the big groups of units in the control group.

How I believe it should work:

The view should center on the unit that has the most number of units of the control group within a certain distance. This distance should be approximately the camera height / 2 (specifically, it should be the minimum distance from a centered unit until the closest edge of the screen, with the default zoom).

This way the camera will center where most of the control group can be seen at once, avoiding this common instances of the camera just being focused on a random reinforcement that happens to be in the middle of the group.


Thank you @DARKJACKERc! I’ll take this to the team. Much appreciated!