Camp progress wiped?

Right so I booted the game up yesterday to finish the survayaman 1 campaign and low and behold every single mission was gone.
So I checked every campaign and all were missing. Weirdly I still had all my saves so I booted up lvl 3 save completed it and it don’t even revert.
So all my progress has been wiped (stil have my achievents) (for each individual civ win)
One thing I did notice though is it actually wiped everything, so I had 5 civs left according to achievements needed to win with every civ I loaded up a scenario editor did the 5 achievements by changing civ but no achievements for beating game using them all which was strange.
Went through every civ (even ones I’d already done before wipe) and it popped.
So my game wiped ALL My progress.

Any one had similar on this one or any fixes? (There was no update before anyone suggests that)


Hopefully developers manage to fix this. Having campaign progress wiped happened to quite a lot of people in HD. Using “I R WINNER” to quickly pass through already completed scenarios was standard solution for this. This should still work, but you won’t get your medals back :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you still have your options (including hotkeys) set to same values as before? If not, then maybe your whole profile got reset or different profile was loaded for some reason.

Game pass version mate and didn’t adjust any so wouldn’t be able to check. Everything was wiped though all achieve stats I was going for blank again

Game Version:

  • Build (####) 101.101.34223.0 0
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Microsoft Store


There is a serious problem.
I was about to finish my fourth campaign for ‘Saladin’ yesterday. (The Siege of Jerusalem)
And today, I was going to do that fifth…
But, All Campaigns have been blown away, Like when I first bought this game.
This is really embarrassing.

Do I have to restart all the campaigns again???

Reproduction Steps:

I don’t know exactly what caused it.
I just finished my fourth mission of the Saladin Campaign yesterday,
This happened the today.


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I just had a a similar issue last week with the Joan of Arc campaign. it remembers my progress up to mission 4 but anything past that is always reset after restarting the game. I still have the achievement for finishing the missions but just no sign that I ever did them…

This is on build 101.101.37906.0 5105673
Playing on Steam