Campagin for Expansions?

Is there any word regarind the two Expansions that come with the Premium edition will feature proper campaigns or if they only include new pantheons?

I would like a Beowulf campaing.

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All we know as of now is that they are adding two pantheons over two expansion packs post launch. Now what this means in terms of new campaigns and such we have to wait and see but considering they are charging 15 US dollars for each expansion pack I’d hope so at least they are giving us more than just a new pantheon with each expansion pack.

I really hope for new campaigns, as I mostly play offline games.

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In this regard, AOE3DE was really bad, they didn’t launch new campaigns, just some historical battles, some of which were terrible. But, lets wait for the best.

We don’t know for now, however I wish we could get some “mythological battles”, which would be like historical battles from aoe3 but, you know, mythological. Just imagine playing a “Titanomachy” scenario, “Ragnarok”, etc…

Will we have christian pantheon now?

J’ai du mal à imaginer un Panthéon Chrétien avec chaque “dieu majeur” surtout s’ils sont trois, genre Jésus, Dieu ou Satan, ça risquerais de faire péter un plomb à certaines personnes.

Some people do really blow up when you talk about their religion.

How about a semite pantheon? Let’s make farms grow faster with Ba’al or something

Oh que oui, certaines personnes n’aiment pas que l’ont aborde leur religion dans des jeux ou même critiquer leur doctrine, mais bon, j’espère juste que l’ont va éviter d’une façon ou d’une autre les clash lié aux sémites.

Yes, of course, the dlcs are going to be a pantheon and a campaign:

Base Game:

Learn to Play (Greeks)

The Fall of the Trident (the 3 civs of the base game)

The Golden Gift (Norse)

The New Atlantis (Atlanteans)

DLC 1: Tale of the Dragon reworked (Chinese)

DLC 2: New pantheon and campaign (Aztecs-Foundation of the Aztec Empire in 1325) or (Babylonians-Gilgamesh, Sargon of Akkad, Hammurabi or Nabopolassar and Nebuchadnezzar II)

Yes, that’s true… I hope that with AoM they gain ground for the game engine, so later on, they encourage campaign dlcs for AoE 3…

In theory “the Arena of the Gods” is something similar to that…since they are challenges playing with the civs, I hope Retold brings their version of the “Art of War” and obviously new campaigns…

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I have a hard time imagining a Christian Pantheon with each “major god” especially if there are three of them, like Jesus, God or Satan, it would risk blowing up some people.

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Oh yes, some people don’t like it when they talk about their religion in games or even criticize their doctrine, but hey, I just hope that we will somehow avoid the clashes related to the Semites.

Very controversial…also it is assumed that AoM requires polytheistic mythologies to be able to advance in age with the minor gods; so the monotheist Abrahamic religions and Buddhism are left out…

If it’s like AoE3DE we will only get like 1 scenario.

Let’s hope it’s not like AoE3DE.

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Nah, it would be very boring, I hope they try hard with campaigns, it would be a waste to waste all the potential that the Bang engine editor has…the campaigns they did in the Genie engine are excellent, don’t be afraid to do the same with the Bang engine…also it will be noticed that they cannot make campaigns of the stature of the original AoM and AoE 3…