Campaign Act II: Ice is broken

I’m going to be brief. Act II, the one where you chase Kaiserklien, I mean Beaumount (or however u spell it) through the mines whilst fighting off the Circle, is broken. Once I destroy the final weapons cache my game crashes, its happened twice now so pretty pissed. As soon as the building dies and the death animation starts, (as well as Amelia’s VO line), the game just crashes. Letting da devs know yo!

Also your medals for learning artillery in Art of War, and one other one can’t remember, is broken. If you destroy the tower before the fort on the final leg of the challenge, you automatically get demoted to below Bronze Medal. The counter-side to this is that if you do not destroy it, you get gold no matter your kills. And so, I Ibelieve I’m the only one with full Gold on the Art of War :wink: And the other one I just remembered, it’s the unit counter one, where you can automatically get Gold without killing some units if you kite them to a certain spot in the map.

And finally… Holly Crap USA Saloon OP in TEAM. Jesus Christ! 25 pop military buildings??? The whole point of cowboys is that they are balanced because the low cost is counted by high pop space. But USA is just like welp screw your pop limit with the advanced saloon card and so it negates cowboy’s nerf. This is fairly easy to counter if you’re in a tournament so you can counter pick. But, in ranked ladder, if you que 80% of civs into it your team is screwed. Like… 90c goons in age II… super fast training… no pop limit in practice. MY SOLUTION: Saloons should support +5 population, like the Russian Logistician does, not bloody +25! Like what the hell?? You go triple saloon bro and ur sitting sweet!

Please bro… won’t somebody think of the team games

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Hi @Joshua667746!

Thank you for your reports. We’re already tracking the issues that you mentioned, and passed your balance views to our team. Have a nice day! :heart: