Campaign Bugs (few)

Game Version: 100.12.3552.0

  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10

I know you’re only supposed to make a thread about 1 bug at a time, but I have encountered a few in the Campaigns and I am just going to list them here of what I have found personally so far so as not to make 100 threads.

  1. Trees (throughout the Campaigns there have been a number of Tress that show as active even though they have been cut down, this is not limited to one map).

  2. Attack Commands (This one bugged me a lot, sending an attack command has units walking PAST enemies even while being attacked and doing nothing once arriving at the location, units would ignore units found in the fog of war while some units would attack others would not even standing side by side , Cannons, in particular, would focus buildings over until attacking them and would walk into enemies to attack a house over a military unit. My units would just stop moving even if given an attack command, In general, any attack command would feel sluggish and non-responsive…if nothing else please fix this one.)

3)Pathing issues (again not limited to one map when given move or attack commands units would walk around paths, across houses and in general the longest possible route to a location.)

  1. Cinematics (Not limited to 1 cinematic laggy, slow to load and even not loading at all, a number of cinematics just didn’t work, until would stand still and no speech lines would pop up the game wasn’t frozen units still “swayed” the cinematics just didn’t play)

  2. Native buildings ( A number of Native buildings had the option to research “travelling merchants” though while taking your resource this did nothing to the gameplay. useless button.)

  3. Caves (units would get stuck on the cave entrance on the rocks to almost every cave in the campaign.)

  4. WASD (Keybindings would not register, even after wiping every keybind and resetting them the game simply would not let me change keybindings for move keys to WASD, A,S and D would just not work while W would send my camera in a permanent scroll upwards, I would have to open the game mention to reset the scroll.)

  5. Double-clicking units (units would not always be selected when Double-clicking, this happened a few times on a number of maps)

  6. Zooming in (when zooming in on large armies the units would lag like crazy becoming slow and sluggish for both my units and the AI’s units, this was not limited to 1 map) “side not that I have quite a powerful PC so I know it’s not on my end, even with V-Sync enabled this was an issue”

  7. while giving a shift + command to villages they would stop what they are doing and start moving to the new task enough though it was given as a ■■■■+ command.

  8. THE ASIAN DYNASTIES (THE SIEGE OF OSAKA) Has crashed for me 3 times while trying to play this map, no warning the entire game just closes and I lose all my progress, I will not be playing this Campain until this has been fixed.