Campaign Design for AOE4

The Devs of Aoe4 said how “unique” the campaign design will be for this game. Unfortunately beyond that, we have no further idea but we can still speculate.
Now, these campaigns can go full RPG mode like how they did for Aoe3. This time they can be more detailed like in Starcraft with cutscene and whatnot. But the problem with historical games is that if you make your own story with your own characters it may suck, like how it kind of did with Aoe3.
There is a middle ground though…

For example, let’s say one of the main campaigns is “The Hundred Years War”. It only needs two civs: English and French; one of them is already there. In that campaign, you can choose to play as English or French. As English, you can make different decisions in each scenario which will impact your overall progress. Based on the difficulty of the game and your own achievement your final reward will be determined. If you make the right choice, you can conquer all of France, or you may gain a huge portion of it or maybe unite both crowns.
If you play as France, you may save Joan of Arc, you may drive the English out completely or you may even invade the English. You can choose your own history.
At the end of the day, it relies on actual history rather than create some random characters like Aoe3. However, it also remains like an RPG style RTS campaign.


I really like the idea of having historical battles or even campaignes where you can choose the side. Empire Earth 2 had this.
This would also work in multiplayer where you could play against friends.
Historic campaigned with a “what if” twist at the end are a nice idea.
But yes we all agree that we want real historic figures not fake ones!

Choices could be kinda nice though. The choices could even be in the missions itself. Secondary objectives could change future missions.


Besides the campaigns, there should be an Art of War and Historical Battles. For campaigns, there should be an option to play them in co-op. Five levels of difficulty will be great.