Campaign Difficulty Level

Please make the aoe4 campaigns hardest setting challenging for experienced players.

Aoe2 de on hard setting was challenging at times (though at the time, not being at my current skill lvl may of been the reason). Certain scenarios felt impossible but eventually I completed them. Many times did I have to restart with a new strategy. However with aoe3 de on hard setting, so far it feels like a walk in the park. So far I’ve only restarted one scenario just because the lose condition wasn’t entirely clear and never used saves. Even if I mess something up bad it’s insanely easy to still win.

Another idea is hard setting + the ability not to save, meaning you can’t predetermine an enemy’s attack and army and you need to actually recover from mistakes. To implement this shouldn’t be to hard either yet provide a lot of value for us.

Also, perhaps a difficulty setting which has some handicaps for the player as well, I don’t know.

All the best.

This is a very good idea. May I add not being able to pause the game. I have to say that I’ve only won against the PC because of this.

Rise of Nations (Age of Empires but with the complete human history) had “Harder” and “Hardest” difficulty levels. They didn’t give handicaps for the player, but a resource recollection bonus to the PC.