Campaign difficulty

hello everyone, good to know this game is still alive and kicking :metal:
it changed a lot since the last time i played it (approx 20 years)
some changes are great, some i liked less, but I think they did a good job generally.
it is that one thing in particular that i find annoying, no easy difficulty for the campaigns
the so called ‘standard’ difficulty today is like the ‘hard’ difficulty 20 years ago, and matches turned to be very tyring and exhausting especially when you play against 3-4 AI that start at more advanced point than you are.
I personally liked to play the campaigns more for the story than the challenge, and i didnt find any mod for the classic AI/difficulties set, is it possible to create a mod that adds more difficulties settings? or is it possible to change the ‘standard’ difficulty settings through the .PER files to “soften” it just a little? :thinking:
share your thoughts, thank you all!