Campaign Icons

Hi all ,
Is it possible to include new campaign icons for example inside the following location
resources_common\wpfg\resources\campaign\campaign_selection\campaign_icons ?

And then successfully use it for Custom campaigns ?

Thanks a lot in advance

You should use this turtorial, all you want are in it.Steam Community :: Guide :: JSON Kungfu Made in CHINA(Unique tutorial for slide and layout)

Thanks a lot - is there any English version ?

I will release the translation version before July because I am so busy with my study and work,if you not mind,you can use google translation to try to read it,so sorry but thanks for waiting me.

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No problem ,thanks a lot - will do :slight_smile:

Hi again :slight_smile: ,
So i translated and followed the Section on II-02 Custom Materials (UserMaterials) .
Here were my steps.

1.>Placed the 3 files 27_custom_hover.png, 27_custom_normal.png and 27_custom_pressed.png inside the following location resources_common\campaign

2.>Changed the layout file as attached .

However the game shows a black screen on selecting the campaign.
Am i making any mistake ?.

Note - The layout file is attached for review.Rana Sanga_layout.txt (21.9 KB)

Also if you can share any custom layout.json file or refer any Mods that has this feature enabled - that will also help me :slight_smile:

Please no rush and no worries - take your time :slight_smile:

You can look at the campaign mod Belisarius how to make and I will send you what is the problem about your layout later.

Your document is wrong,it must be .json not .txt,and make sure these custom material are in the right place,thank you for your feedback.

I actually have json only - i changed it to “.txt” just for your review since the Forum does not allow me to upload json files .
But thank you so much - will try to search for Belsarius and check :slight_smile:
Will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

@cly0806 - i checked Belisarius (Both the Chinese and English versions).
It uses “BackgroundMaterial”: “CampaignBackground10Alaric” and CampaignIcon12BariNormal ,CampaignIcon12BariHover and CampaignIcon12BariPressed.
Also it does not have any UserMaterials like you mentioned in Section on II-02 Custom Materials (UserMaterials) - Any other mods that uses UserMaterials in the layout json files ? Then i can take a look as an example.

Oh,so sorry ,you can look at the yongle mod,thank you.

@cly0806 - thank you so much - yes the Yongle has it - i can continue working now - thanks again :slight_smile: - will keep you posted.