Campaign Ideas for AoEIV

Going to adopt @MSTFA786 's practice and post some educative content from Kings and Generals as well :slight_smile:

With AoE4 being on its way, and knowing that historical accuracy is going be on the forefront of the game, I am really looking forward to see a campaign that will revolve around the rivalry between the two Churches, Latin-Greek Christianity, and the political powers which represented them, the 4th crusade (all major crusades would be great to have them as campaigns) as well as the rivalry over the Roman political heritage.
On the other hand, the Great Schism didn’t really lead to any direct military confrontation between East and West but still had a huge impact on the relations of the European powers, so it is debatable whether it would be a good pick, maybe it could be combined with other stories or as a DLC/expansion.

I think Adam Isgreen has teased the campaign mode of Aoe4 quite a bit, implying that their approach is going to somehow differ from previous titles (?), so I am really curious to see what’s going on.

What kind of campaigns would you like to see?

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Made me think about byzantines campaigns in the calabria and apulia region, like the bari mission in aoe2.

About the 4th crusade… just thinking about it makes me cry. But boi it was fun! catholics, orthodoxes, muslins… It was the greatest battle royale in history - even more than the sengoku jidai, in my opinion.

This is a fairly inexplored moment of history, even being a famous meme. Shows the conflict of religions and cultures between christians, all while the devil itself seljuks lurk around.

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ah yes, the 4th crusade, a turning point in the history of Europe imo.
I am very curious to see how the campaigns will be approached, will the players be able to re-write history? They also said something about “Humanized History”, I wonder what that is.

“Humanized history” makes me think of aoe3 campaign, where the historic facts are only a background for Amelia’s daddy issues. Don’t take my word here tho lol.

I just hope they don’t fail to represent the absolute hatred one people had against other. While this can be considered a problem, motivating hatred towards some points of view, it can also help players identify the relations between cultures, thus making the gameplay more of a fruitful experience.
The 4th crusade, for instance, motivated a burning hatred against the dickheads at Veneza for so â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  long, that people still hate then to this day (as you can see in my reply).

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That’s an interesting observation with aoe3, it could mean something like that, that the campaign revolves around a character’s life (?) historical or fictitious who lives inside this historical background and is affected by history’s developments.
Another example that comes to my mind is Arkantos, from Age of Mythology. That was an outstanding campaign as well. You had a Hero and you followed him from the start till the end, a very bonding experience (:
If I’m not mistake something similar was mentioned to one of those interviews that we have available so far (?), not so sure tho, lost track of them lol.

I get what you mean by the relations between cultures. That’s why they should be presented as distinct and unique as they can be.
About the 4th crusade, it is an incredible story, a very sad one as well. If you actually read some historiographers of the time, like Niketas Choniatis, it gets even sadder. Even the imperial tombs and graves were opened up and desecrated. The crusaders exhumed the remainders of the bodies of emperors who once were the most powerful men of their time, like Justinian’s, Heraclius’ and Basil’s II and looted them. It is even said that a flute was found placed in the mouth of the emperor’'s Basil II as an act of mockery.

Finding that the corpse of Emperor Justinian had not decomposed through the long centuries, they looked upon the spectacle as a miracle, but this in no way prevented them from keeping their hands off the tomb’s valuables: In other words, the Western nations spared neither the living nor the dead, but beginning with God and his servants, they displayed complete indifference and irreverence to all.
City of Byzantium, Annals of Niketas Choniatēs , transl. H. J. Magoulias [Byzantine Texts in Translation], Detroit 1984, p. 357.

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I hope there will be multiple campaigns for one nation, as well as challenge battles like Stronghold Crusader 2 or the historical battles in aoe2. One example is the siege of Kazan (just watched something about it that’s all) which was Russia vs. Tatar

I have a few idea for campaign
Crusades:Crusades would be great.And,you can find a lot of battle in crusades.And yes,Christians fought with each other instead of Turks in 4th crusade,tragedy.

Mehmet II “Conqueror”:He was very important for the post medieval era.Basically,he conquered Constantinople.And he started golden age for Ottomans.

Charlemange:Frank King.He conquered North Italy(Lombardy),Bavaria and Saxony.His armies marched until Bohemia and Dalmatia.He fought aganist Andalus Umayyads.He became Emperor of HRE.

And now,i have another idea,Viking campaign.
It would be very exciting

I am particularly interested in Normans from norse people