Campaign localizations, cinematics, and voices Fire and Shadow

(Spanish user)

I have nothing against the new changes to Fire and Shadow campaign. I get that you had a limited budget, so no new localizated spanish voices for the campaign, but:

Trying to reutilize old voice strings, cutted badly for fitting on new lines that doesn’t really have sense, it’s like having a frankenstein. Some vocies are in english, some are the old spanish voices. Just put everything on english, and if someday there’s a proper dub, just put it there.

Also, some very long voice text subtitles are displayed like in half second, and you can’t read. Check that, please.

And finally, the unit name of the “actor” that says something in a scenario that have some line (minuteman saying something to Nathaniel) doesn’t have the name translated.

IDK if that happens only in spanish, but also to other languages