Campaign Progress Sync with Other PC's

Hi All,

I have Windows desktop with I play Age 3 DE via Xbox App purchased from Windows Store.

I also play it on a Laptop when I am not home through through the Windows Store as well.

Both PC’s are Windows 11, singed into the same profile (not at the same time) and both are the current build / version of the game and Windows App and such.

My campaign progress is not saving / syncing to the other. On the desktop, the progress shows up in a percentage and I am able to continue.

When I load up the laptop, the game does not register that I have played it at all and shows 0% progress and I cannot continue.

Oddly enough, saved games do register. As in when I do a manual save and call it something, this appears in both games. I would like the progress to sync some how.

Does anyone have any advice or is this a simply cannot be done thing?

Thanks in advance.

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