Campaign Rajendra #2 cannot produce vils even after distorying both Purple & Yellow TC

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Campaign from new DLC, which is the second senario of Rajendra. The Hints read, “You will not be able to produce Villagers until you capture a Town Center from either Mannaram or Polonnaruwa, or defeat both players.”
So I decided to defeated both and destroy their TCs (There’s also a steam Achievement " No Rest for the Wicked" for it). Then, however, I didn’t find any approach to produce vils, still without any TC, vil or even any monk/monestery. And my pop therefore is restricted to 55 without more houses, even the Hints say I can reach 150.
After that I try several times with cheat codes, both in Hard and Moderate, but the outcomes are the same.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play the senario, as far as I tryed, in Hard or Moderate.
  2. Raze Yellow TC (then get into Castle Age), then raze Purple TC after destroying Purple Castle.
  3. Wait, and still no vils/TC.

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Get vils, TC, or at least monks?

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This time I used Cheat codes to defeat Purple and generate resources, then defeat Yellow with my army.

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And, after I defeated both Yellow and Purple (without using Cheat Codes), not only I didn’t find a way to produce vils, the Achievement also didn’t fulfill.


I’m experiencing the same issue. There is literally no option that I can choose to win the battle, since my pop. cap is just max.55 and I can’t have a single villager.

Im having the exact same issue

I had the same issue on the second time I played the scenario. On the first time I did get vils. Haven’t attempted the scenario since.

The second day, I found a Youtube playthrough video on this senario, in which the player faced the same issue (no vil production method) and just continued to defeat Orange & Blue without any vils and with a pop cap of 55 and won - later I also tried it on hard dificulty and it’s still quiet viable (since if you keep Grey villagers & buildings untouched you’ll constantly get supply from them). And once I won, I got the achievement.
But still, this contrasts to what the Hints says. Not sure whether the trigger is bugged or it’s just the description that’s wrong.

The Player has to win the scenario to get the achievement sounds like a bug for me, considering this achievement does not require the player to win the scenario, and most of the other achievements will be unlocked at the moment you meet the requirement. (unless that achievement requires you to win)

Anyway, I might try to win the scenario without vills, thanks for the info, and hope the bug will be fixed soon.

The scenario objectives could also use a little rephrasing. The line “capture or destroy enemy town centers” doesn’t really tell us how to capture them.


Thanks, we are already tracking this issue!

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It’s really not impossible or anything. I lost my hero, both docks, both archery ranges, and still won with the achievement first try. I don’t like how painful it becomes if you lose production buildings, especially the siege workshop.