Can a 760 render high graphics on low fps?

Does anyone understand how GPUs work? If I have a GTX760 I should be able to put everything on high and see the game looking as impressive texture wise as someone with a 1080 or 2060 etc just a really low fps right? Doesn’t seem to be the case in practice. Is it VRam stopping the game applying the higher settings?

This is AOE4 with everything on high and game restarted to make sure the settings kicked in.

Vs a 1080p youtube video of someone with better computer

I didn’t expect it to be any kind of playable fps I was just doing it temporarily out of curiosity. I didn’t realise it would simply not apply them at all?


Also Aussie_Drongo plays at 4k resolution.

Thanks for that thought it was probably the case. If only GPUs worked like in my head! :grin: