Can a building have global effect?

I’ve seen buildings have gathering speed bonus auras, make other buildings work faster and make units fire faster.

I want the arsenal to make musketeers cheaper. As simple as Arsenal built, musketeers lose 25 coin from their cost. However, by looking at the auras, abilities and tech effects, I think it is only posible by creating a tech, but its not what I want to do.

Please refrain from discussing why do I want to make musketeer cheeper. Its not the point

i dont know how modding works but the Shogunate wonder for japan has the effect of reducing cost of military units, so maybe you can edit i fo

I think I have to make the arsenal function like a wonder, but wonders are strange in terms of codding.

Wonders are both techs and structures and I’m having trouble figuring out how exactly this dual identity works.

I think some of the wonders are hardcoded to work such way.

Anyway, a possible solution is to define a tech with this kind of prereq:

<TypeCount unit='Arsenal' count='1' operator='gte'
state='aliveState' />

Then you can define any effects you want for this tech to have, as usual.

One more thing you need with this approach is to add a new flag to the Arsenal protounit:


It works! Thank you

The correct syntax should be

      <typecount unit="Arsenal" count="1" operator="gte" state="aliveState">
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