Can a developer answer this question please?

I am a big RTS enthusiast, I only play AoE games and CoH.

Been trying for days to get a developer answer these questions without any luck :face_with_head_bandage: :

Will you improve unit details and readability somehow? Will you add better siege destruction animations, more visible cannons and stones once they fire them and will you add a crew on them? Will you improve the UI?

After watching the streams I am just curious if those things will be added/fixed/improved.

Please can I have a direct answer, it is fine if you answer yes or not, literally I just want to know. Do not have any complaints whatever the answer is :slight_smile:


They are not going answer you, Sorry.


At least prior to launch/modding, I would think it was highly unlikely now that there will be any major changes in this regard.

If there are any such changes, it will be slight tweaks and not overhauls. We need to have realistic expectations.

I too am looking forward to release but there is less than 19 days to go. The gameplay works, I bet functionality is the focus right now for the remaining days.

As above, I doubt they will want to post, no we will not be working on these things right now. Especially given the transparency to date. The best answer you can hope for, is they will continue to work on the game to make it better, thanks for the feedback.

You might not have any complaints, however some people will, which are showcased on the threads on a daily basis.

@Erissar Has been making their rounds around the forum so they may be able to answer some of these questions for you.


The most you’ll.get is a generic “We love community feedback and we will consider this as the game develops”


I don’t expect much changes from open beta now. The core gameplay is going to remain the same. They can fix some minor bugs and stats but that’s all. I think most of us fail to understand their way of thinking. Whatever the game is, it is what it is supposed to be. This company is too big to pay attention to our feedback. They make a plan, and they go with it. They know that the name itself is enough to sell millions.

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But then they are comitting a mistake, why dont they listen or speak openly, I still have hope :face_with_head_bandage:

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well, I think I will be ignored which is worst :pleading_face:

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You make it sound as if there was absolutely no effort put into it and that’s simply wrong.

Beside really bad visual responsiveness, which is a common problem in 3d games, and lack of commitment in content (ranked/profiles/coop/civs), the game feels like a game, not just a cashgrab.

What they need is hard commitment to the game now instead of this super safe “we wait what the numbers say before investing more” bull**** that they drove so far.

If the devs/publishers themselfs aren’t even willing to take the game seriously and make it huge, how can they expect to get a huge community around it that does?


They already stated many times that they are listening to the feedback lol , but that doesn’t mean they will respond to everyone.

The topic exposed is relevant, they would not replying to me only but hundreds. I think they are ill-advised or just think its not that important. Lets see how people rate the game. Just hope we dont have an E-football effect (lowest rate in steam)

The lowest score is rather unlikely. If I’d have to guess I’d say it will stay at Mostly Positive for quite some time.
Putting aside all it’s problems it’s still quite fun little game. The problem is “for how long will it stay this way”.
Will it manage to keep people on the grind for months before Ranked, Map Editor and other promised missing content is added? Will the more simplistic gameplay approach keep players involved?

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Unfortunately with the game coming out this month the team is unable to give out any more information about updates, only have whatever we release via social for now :smiley:


Thank you so much for the kind reply. I really appeciate your time and attention. :raised_hands:


It was the non-answer we all expected, though.


That’s not so unfortunate at all. I’m wishing you all good luck and a smooth release.

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Unfortunately. In other words they will not work on those enhancements and will put attention to finish the game in a rush to have it ready tfor October 28th. I am just not gonna bring my opinion about that, I am satisfied with they taking the time to answer. But you might guess my feelings rn…


Yup. I mean, devs are clearly reading some threads. I’m at a loss as to why they didn’t have someone here to answer stuff just after the closed beta and then the stress test. Something like “yeah, we know about the issues with arrows and we are working on it” or “we are working on additional zoom levels for the public release”. It doesn’t take 5 minutes of their time and we would all be happier because of it.

Instead they chose complete silence and I seriously don’t get it. Of course at this point it’s too late to do anything so they default to a canned, political answer: “with the game 2 weeks away, we can’t comment”


That’s the thing I don’t understand. Would not the community be happy with those clarifications?.. but honestly I don’t know why they are being so quiet when the community has been very very very collaborative… We are trying to give them all the extra things we believe they need to enhance the game, but what we receive is silence. Imo it would be nice if they just say why they don’t change the common things the community have been complaining about, so at least we can be reasonable about that, but being so quiet is like: well I am the game developer so you will get what I decided it to be no matter what … (UI is just one of those examples)