Can a friends list be created for the lobby?

How do you add people as a friend? I was in the lobby and didn’t see any options.

If there isn’t an option can a friend list be created for the lobby? I was chatting with someone and that person didn’t know either so we were left with not being able to contact one another. It would be nice to have a list added to our profile while in the lobby to be able to invite people to our game or just chat like any console, as well as being able to see if they’re online or not.

Please add this to the lobby.

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I may be wrong, but I think that the only way is to add them on Steam if you play on Steam or add them on Xbox if you play on Xbox.

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I’m on Xbox and I could add that person that way but that is going out of my way and out of the game. Hopefully, this can be changed to have a list added to our profiles.

My goodnesss please make a friends list in game. The current one is unacceptable. I would like to be able to add the feature of messaging one of my friends in game. Not having to host or join a game to send them invites, I simply just want to message them.


Yes, this is very much still needed

Are you using Steam or MS Store?

That’s really irrelevant, not to sound harsh.why do I have to you an outside service to message someone in game?

FYI I was gullible enough and purchased the game through the ms store. I also have a steam account that I used to play other games before this one.

Now I find that because I bought the game through the ms store my steam friends can’t invite me to games via steam friends list.

So I log into steam friends list. Contact my friends and the only way I can join there game is by searching the lobbies which hopefully appear for me. Recently played only works for exactly that, clan friends show online, but not if they are playing or hosting a game.

This is basic stuff here

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yeah its really stoopid that it turned out like that… wish there was an alternative… even steam to steam adding is tough