Can Age Insiders access the closed-beta branch on Steam?

I was wondering about being an Age Insider, and helping developers provide feedback about the closed beta on Steam. I think it would be cool to also playtest the closed-beta and see the differences with the public build.

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It seems the info isn’t easy to find from the community forums here, so I Google-searched and came up with these pages that I thought might help you?

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Thanks for the reply. I thought that instantly joining the Insiders programme would give me total access to the beta(s) of the games I own on Steam at least :confused:

It’s not like that, unfortunately. I wanted to test, specifically the AoE1:DE betas.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Is there a new AoE1:DE beta going on at the moment? If so, I hadn’t heard this.

If you’re referring to old betas that happened before AoE1:DE was officially released, those betas are closed/inaccessible and haven’t existed for several months. They were to help the game launch in the first place. But then, also – later on – they did a beta to help test online multiplayer cross-play between Xbox Store and Steam players, if I remember correctly :slight_smile: However, as I said, those betas are no longer happening; no AoE1:DE betas in 2020 that I’ve seen.

Are you seeing something that makes you think AoE1:DE betas are still happening, though? Just curious.

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Well, the “depots” section in the game’s SteamDB page made me want to try the “Closed Beta” build.

Thanks for the extra info on the betas :slight_smile:

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You have to register to be an insider first. Im not sure if the insiders can test it tho.