Can any mods be used in ranked play?

The only mods that interest me are QoL features that can be used in online multiplayer. Do any of these exist? For example, in the developer discussion stream, they showcased a mod that re-scales units, but it also changes things like wall health, so clearly can’t be used in ranked play. User-selectable unit scaling would be a great QoL feature, as would better camera control, but it seems to me like all the categories of mods that they talk about are things that can’t be used in ranked play. When I browse mods, there is nothing to tell me for each mod whether or not it can be used in ranked play, is that because mods are blanket banned from ranked play, so we can’t get any QoL features that way?


I don’t think so. But I really wish it was possible to have some mods that would only change player’s view like aoe2, I played the re-scaled one too and if I could somehow use the re-scaled units in my pov for the main game it would be awesome.


So if that’s the case, we still don’t have mods in the sense that AoE 2 DE has them, no ability for the community to solve the game’s problems. And the roadmap doesn’t show any intent to add further support for mods in that sense, so that’s pretty disappointing.


We’ll just have to sit back and hope that there will be support for corrective mods in the future.

I’d love a disable water mod to remove all but the functionality of water, as exists in other games. That could save players with weak PCs from having to lower graphics settings.

Additional options for creating mods is very important for the long time success of the game. Hopefully they will add additional possibilities soon.

Adding models and sounds would also be very important. Like this you could create civilizations, units, animals, planta and such things.