Can HRE get a rework?

Since we are getting a huuuge nerf in the upcoming patch, and Landsknecht sole purpose is to kill spearmen or villagers I think they need either a rework or a new unique unit. It’s my favorite civ so yes I’m biased, but it’s stil the most bland civ out there, only niche they have are relics and while it’s nice to buff towers or keeps, it’s barely a functional or effective strategy, (it will still get outranged by bombards). Prelates only purpose is to buff vills so I don’t count them as unique units.

I’m just bummed that HRE is infantry specialized, with a glass cannon unit that is both expensive and ineffective 95% of the time. MAA are great though, but the second the enemy gets crossbows or mango it’s gg for the infantry. And we’re just becoming glorified French by massing Elite knights with prelate buffs. It feels like a general AoE 4 civ, with nothing that makes them unique, and with the relic nerf what’s the point of getting Regnitz anymore.

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Perhaps another unique unit can be given to the HRE and that is the Teutonic Knight as that sounds appropriate.

HRE is strong by its fast age passage so adding a castle age unit has little interest I think the civ should be nerfed on its age passages with a nerf of the Chapel and Souabre but on the other hand improve the defense in age 2 or even add a unique unit from age 2 to make them more varied

HRE Is getting a huge Nerf ?
Did i miss Something ? :confused:

Anyway, HRE Is very Strong in castle and Imp age, the weakness Is in the feudal and for that i would prefer to give MAA the 2hand weapon in feudal (but the mace still in Castle ) and maybe reduced spawntime for infantry If you choose Meinwerk.

And i am a big Fan of teutonic Knights, But they dont fit.
The teutonic Order was german, but Not Part of the HRE !

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You literally mentioned they buff military units. It’s a huge buff, and makes almost all their units unique

Mix them with MAA (and spears if needed) they’re really good. You just aren’t using them properly

If you have the micro for it they work very well with horsemen

With (prelate buffed) mangos or springs as needed

It’s really not as bad as you make out

Why don’t you use horsemen, springs or mangos? And keep your infantry in spread formation?

HRE are also my favourite civ, both for their aesthetics and their playstyle.

I love leap frogging my relics from towers to keeps, especially when you start using cannons, 12 range , higher damage , defensive structures are very useful

Because then you outrange bombards, and with (prelate buffed) culverins BBC aren’t such problem anyway, compared to other civs

There are a couple other threads asking for an HRE rework. Personally, I would like to see a few more civs first

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