Can I be Frank with You? Achievement

Does anyone else have a problem getting this achievement currently? Tried with every single difficulty, through every possible opening path of co-op. After winning for so many times I’m not getting it. Do I need to be with a player? Though the achievement says I can get it with AI.

This remains an issue for me as well, searching for a fix.

I got it with an AI. However… I’m not entirely talking about the achievement Can I be Frank with you.

Most of the achievements added with this update are misaligned. They all work, they just have the name and description that other achievements should have (do A to unlock B, do B to unlock C… do G to unlock A). So focus on other achievements of that batch that you do not remember actively doing, notably the Art of War ones (getting a gold medal may be tricky), that you may have earned without actually doing them.

That’s a handy tip–I’ll look at the other achievements from the batch and see what happens if I redo them.

Thanks AoE2:DE team, update 111772 fixed this issue!