Can I pay someone to tutor me?

I just had a really frustrating game. Usually I can look back on them and think about what I could have done better, but not this one. I have no clue what I could have done better, and I just feel so helpless. I made a recording of the round. I just don’t know what to do, and I’m pretty upset.

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There are professional players that do tutoring for pay, I believe St4rk is one of them. I’m sure you can find a few reddit threads if you google AOC lessons.

You could also post your rec here and people might be able to help you out with what went wrong.

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I think in the community there are a lot of player who a play with you without any payment. You just need to be motivated and have fun to learn the game.

I can recommend to watch people playing on twitch

I occasionally watch Hera, t90official and Spirit of the law on YouTube. You can learn some strategies If you follows These Channels.

Just get the interactive build order tutorials from Cicero (in the mod section of the game).
They will teach you good ways to start into the game.