Can not activate healthbare

I can not activate the healthbare of the units (mine, allied or ennemies), whichever setting I chose in the “UI setting” section, it just never shows them, it only shows the buildings health. It is very problematic I can not evaluate how the fight is going or how wounded are units until they start to die…
Is there a setting I forgot ? Do annyone has the same issue, and maybe a solution ?
Thank you :slight_smile:



I am feeling the same pain ma boy. I am juzd gonna sit and w8 for some1 to repLI to ur mess8g

Same here. My healthbars are always gone, they were there initially, but after toying with some graphics options they disappeared

It’s a known issue. The current workaround is to set your resolution scale to 100% in the graphics options. You can switch to exclusive fullscreen and lower the main resolution option if you need to improve performance.