Can not update AOE III DE on MStore

Hi; the latest update to AOE III DE has been anounced and I guess released. But I am not able to update my game through the Microsoft Store. It just says that all games and applications are up to date; but that is not the case with AOE III DE.

And also, the US Challenge still allows me to do only 3 challenges per day.

I hope I can get some help or info. Thank you! Greetings from South America.

HOTFIX 30181 temporarily disables cross-play
Hotfix 30181 was released for Steam on June 10th. Until it is released for the Microsoft Store, cross-play will be temporarily unavailable.
STATUS: Fix Awaiting Update
Discord sais it " should " be avaible to Store too but the " known issues " sais fix Awaiting Update


Thank you for your answer! You are very kind. Early this morning I could download the Hotfix from Microsoft Store.

Not sure if it was because was now available or because I updatd some files of Windows.

Thanks once again!