Can people hack kick you out of the game entirely or its just a bug?

Ok im really upset. I just got kicked out on the most convenient of situations. No game warning nothing the game just closed when I was raiding the opposite team. Keep in mind I always play this game with my friend and never encountered such issue before. It could be a bug in the game though this is why I made this thread to clear my doubts. However its just too convenient the way it happened which lead to me believe its a hack
So here is the replay for those who are interested. Below it ill provide brief summary as to why I believe I got kicked out by someone on the opposite team

So this red player called nooboru started off playing some cheesy tactics like building towers around gold fields to prevent from players mining. I had another field which I mined gold from and rushed knights invaded his base. As I killed almost all his villagers I suddenly got disconnected and the game closed. Now im not unfamiliar with this kind of hacks (if it is one) as Ive experienced before in MW2 PC where the host would just hack boot you if you were better than him.

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There is no inmatch player kick feature for any possible setup on the game.

Theoretically you can force a desync on a online match, but it is not very easy to reproduce, can be fairly simple to notice and would not only disconnect you from the game, but instead all the players on the match.

Random crashes and disconnects are, somewhat, a common issue, though. You can look for reports browsing at #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs .

Depending on what resources you have access to it can be very easy.

Wouldn’t the opportune moment be before you kill his villagers?
Now your ally might win.

That sounds like a bug to me.
The game seems more stable now, but considering how often this happened during the beta, a bug seems more likely.