Can please add how much damage we did besides how many units we killed?

that would be better to know if someone is inactive on battle or useless in battles.



That actually would be great. I’ve always been curious to see how effective Russia is, since killing 500 strelets isn’t that impressive compared to killing 500 samurai or ashi. A Russian player in treaty is doing a rather impressive job if he breaks a positive KD/R, knowing that he is using weaker units but is dealing more damage to keep up.


There are many bugs with much higher priority for developers to take care of.
However, information about total killed units (compared to opponent) will be very nice to see someday :slight_smile:

man, there are bugs that exists from almost the begining or the beginning of aoe3 DE, i dont think they are a priority.
And as i haev found workarounds for those bugs, there is no workaroud for getting this info about how much damage we did.

Would you separate siege damage to unit damage? I think that adding a villagers kill count should be nice to see how successful raids were

Combat experience is a useful metric for how much you contributed. Yes destroying buildings, especially certain types can inflate this, but in general you can tell who is pulling their weight and who isn’t based on that ;).

After all, 1 Strelet is worth 6 XP and a Ronin is worth 40 XP. That shows up much better then 1 kill or whatever.

then combat experience award should be given too