Can someone explain to me

Why I can only play one game at a time?
If I play a second game, the stuttering is unbearable.

I have to restart the game everytime i finish a match or the next one will stutter and possibly crash.

Why does this happen? This issue is present since the beta.


I experience this very often. I play 1 game just fine. And the 2nd one and so on is pure stuttering/freezing. And Then I have to restart game to have another fine game

As bad as it is. Our only solution is to Restart

Now bear in mind this: I play league of legends and fortnite very often and after a couple of games a restart is required because something becomes faulty within the client or game. Pointing this out as these 2 games receive patches weekly / bi-weekly and there are always new bugs

We do need a better aoe3 game


Glad I’m not the only one mate. The graphic settings don’t seem to matter at all.

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Yeh I religiously restart my game before every match. Game feels horrible if I dont. Just a really badly optimized game.