Can someone help me sharing my custom scenario?

so i made a custom scenario in the map editor.
and i would like to play on it with my brother.
so i try uploading my custom map to the scenarios here on the website.
i included a zip file of the scenario and a screenshot as they requested.
but it wouldnt let me upload, it just says error.
i made a screenshot of it.

someone that knows what im doing wrong?

It says verify your data and try again!

what do they want me to do?

Check all your fields are filled in? Other thing I can think of is check your image size is not too large.

I created a test scenario and was able to reproduce the issue. All of the text fields were filled in properly and all the attachments met the requirements. The community team has been made aware of the issue. This scenario upload issue may be related to the scenario download issue which @HelepolisAoE reported.

ok, thanks for clarifying.

Closing this topic because the issue has been resolved.