Can spawn extra units in 'Early Combat' art of war mission

Not really a bad thing from the players perspective lol but I work in QA for another developer so I felt compelled to report this.

On the ‘Art of war’ mission ‘Early Combat’ you can spawn extra units and kinda cheat the system.

If you spam click the barracks/stable/archery range before the guy tells you to start spawning units, before the UI updates, sometimes it will not count toward the two units you’re able to spawn, so after the ‘spam click unit’ appears you’re able to still spawn two more.

This was on the PC Gamepass version, didn’t notice any FPS drops/lags etc at the time this happened. Had it happen twice over maybe 10 attempts at this mission.

See screenshot where I have three types of units on board when I am only supposed to have two.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll get this noted for review.

can confirm this, randomly happened to me.