Can’t pick color?…really?

Ok so this game is awesome and I know this is coming off as silly but why can’t I pick my teams color? Honestly I’m baffled right now


the most bizarre thing hey… its been a thing since forever… and removed in the latest and greatest? if they don’t add, speaks volumes lol


no map blacklist is what gets me. like WTF?

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Echoing this sentiment…


Relic, please stop making Blue your default and your only choice. You did the same thing in CoH.

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There are many similar basic omissions,So the answer may be: they don’t even know they’re making “Age Of Empires”?


It’s no use saying it. I gave a bad comment

I know its a small thing but it still bothers me. This isnt Company of Heroes, It cant be that difficult to add… right? The colours are all there we just need a little drop down box in the match setup screen next to our username.

Maybe they are planing to put this function in DLC, which could offset their tremendous investment to achieve it.

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people, this has been an option, go activate “random color selection” in the settings menu and all players get a different color each game. ok you cant pick between a shade of pale pink and light storm blue but ok at least you are not always light storm blue.

Even though you cannot choose colors, you may choose one of the explanations for why you cannot:

  1. I personally would like it if they added color selection and I understand why some people want it. However they are other priorities and the game is fine as it is so you should not criticize it because of that.
  2. Watch youtube video xxxx which explains the reason. The whole aesthetics and play style of this game is designed around blue color, but people do not know that. If people have the freedom to choose their own color, they might always use their favorite colors like red, yellow or green. This will kill their enjoyment of the game because the game is only enjoyable with blue. So it’s actually good for you.
  3. Even though some RTS have color picking, there are other games which do not, so it’s not a must-have. They didn’t advertise this game has color picking either, so it’s not their fault. You can dislike that but you should not blame anyone because there is no false advertisement.
  4. You can disable team colors and change color by choosing your order to join the game. The function is already there and you should know how to use it. What else do you want?

There are also Chinese spearmen weapons calling the wrong bug! I really hope they can fix it as soon as possible, because whenever I see Chinese spearmen holding European halberds, I don’t want to play for a moment. If they can fix this bug, I won’t care about the dispute about the balance of the game, because I’m still a single player most of the time.


if you are always blue is because you have deactivated the optionnnnnn. when you activate it you get a different color every game and they are all very nice and vivid, try them

I mentioned it.
And we all know the game is going to collapse if we could simply pick whatever color you like.

I have unique colours enabled but because I only play skirmish or custom matches with a friend I host I am blue every game. There is no way to not be blue in skirmish.

Free choice of color.

Shouldn’t this be the standard configuration of AOE series?

Red China, England;

Blue France, Mongolia;

The green Abbasid Dynasty, the Sultanate of Delhi;

Yellow Holy Roman Empire, rose

Players choose colors according to their own camp, which can be called the era of Empire!

Instead of always blue or random colors.

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Can this be done against AI or just online?

Free choice of color, Chinese Mongolian French Spearman weapon model, I hope these contents can be added and repaired in the next patch!

No, you don’t. Colours are still assigned in a fixed order. Player 1 is still always blue, 2 red, etc. So for two player games, you’re still stuck with red and blue.