Can´t upgrad to build 77209

Hello guys,

i can´t download the upgrade from today (23. February 2023, Build 77209) neither for my version from the Microsoft Store, nor for my version from Steam (I have both…).

When I am in the Microsoft Store in the library, the update is not shown to me. When I go to “get upgrades” I can not find it (see image 1).
I also tried it through the Microsoft app: Right click on the game, select “manage”, click on “files”, click on “check for updates” - nothing happens (see image 2).

On Steam, the download does not show up in my library either (see image 3). If I right click on the game, select " properties ", click " updates ", I can select that I want to have the game always updated or it is updated only at startup - no matter what I choose it does nothing (although in google resource described differently), see image 4.
Also another troubleshooting suggested by google via right click, “properties”, “local files” and “check game files for errors” remains fruitless. Although a check is performed, the update is not found or downloaded (see image 5).

Can anyone help me? And yes, I have already restarted the PC as well…

P. S. The language in the programs in the images is German. It may be that the terms I described above are called something different in the English version of the programs.

Do you mean the update they had to roll back after 8 hours due to performance issues? To my knowledge, it hasn’t gone live in full again.

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Haha, that might explain it… I had only seen in the afternoon (CET) that it was out and then wanted to download it in the evening and was pretty annoyed that it was not possible. I hadn’t noticed that they had withdrawn it…

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