Can’t withstand the civ naming

Sorry for complaining but how hard is it to have consistent naming?

It should be basic what nomenclature do they want;

  • Historical accurate then it’s “Ottoman Empire” not just “Ottoman”.
  • Don’t mix nations and languages “Japanese”, “China”. (This is maybe more forgiving in English. But remember this game is translated into multiple languages and for us it becomes really weird.)
  • Fictional civilizations should still be named as stated civilizations, “Jeanne d’Arc” really?

And what the fuck is even “Rus” did you run out of alphabets.

I think the naming is fine. I don’t know if it has weird implications in other cultures, but at least for me and I play with german localization, there is no issue.

Sure, Zhu Xi (didn’t hear that name before AGE IV), Jeanne d’Arc or the Order of the Dragon are not “classic” civilizations but they are distinct enough from the civilizations they base on and not a result of imagining something.

Rus seems to be the name for a people in eastern europe and asia as an english or not-cyrillic word.