Can the event challenges be completed in campaign missions?

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My apologies if this has been asked before. I’ve been unable to sift through and find this answered anywhere. Can you complete the event challenges (Such as the “destroy 3 Castles using bombard cannons” quest I have for today) while doing campaign missions? Or is it only from skirmish and multiplayer?
Should be a pretty quick answer, and hopefully this will leave it documented for anyone else to search easily.
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usually you can’t complete them in missions

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Thank you my good fellow… That’s all I needed and I appreciate it.

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You can do them in custom scenarios.
Just create a new one, plop three enemy Castles and a dozen of your own Bombard Cannons, save, then load it in Skirmish. It’s the easiest way to accomplish most challenges.

This scenario here will let you unlock them all on the same scenario.

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