Can the game have a voice software built-in?

we always play this game use voice sotware .but everyone have different voice soft .can there be built-in voice in the game.

Well, there could be, but since the majority already use Discord, or something like it, I don’t think that they have a good enough reason for implementing in-game voice chat.

I think a in voice chat could be good. Generally there should be more done for promoting the communication of players.

But an in game voice chat would be maybe better something for later. Now there are many other more important construction sites.

Imagine how that would go if we have a look at chat censor right now…

Hi bleeb, bleeb at bleep bleep forward bleep, i will bleep towards bleep bleep, if you can bleep bleep bleep bleep, than bleep bleep will bleep bleep, and we will win.

It will sounds like we have a dubstep remix playing. :slight_smile:

They could always include a 14-step registration to use in game voice chat censor free.

Just make sure to have your papers in order before starting.

Sounds reasonable, maybe they might require you wear one of those dog collars from the old days with electric pulse.
Connect it to your pc with usb, so whenever you say a bad word like; yellow, k, chinese, or love, you get tasered so you **** your pants. :’)