Can the game perspective be closer / farther?

Can the game perspective be closer / farther? Like the function recently tested by aoe3de, many players like to pull the game picture into the observation details, which is very interesting. The wonderful picture of aoe4 is also worth watching carefully. Please unlock more perspectives.


I remember that the visual field height of the early beta version was not as high as it is now(In fact, it can be even closer). Why did it change in the later version? I don’t think RTS should overemphasize the so-called “competitiveness”. The design of pulling into the field of vision to observe the details of the game is also a part of the game, especially loved by casual players like me. In short, I hope the later version can open a closer field of vision, just like aoe3de now.

The picture of aoe4 is so spectacular that it’s a pity that players can’t zoom in and enjoy it!