Can the mechanics of training soldiers be optimized?

Such as,I have 5 stables.When I use hotkey to select all of them,and click the Hussar icon and Dragoon icon to training 5 Hussars and 5 Dragoons,all of stables will train 1 Hussar and 1 Dragoon rather than one of stables training 5 Hunssars and another training 5 Dragoons at the same time.
Because I don’t like using number to control the buildings,I always use default hotkeys and the second method can save much time of training.
Hope the authorities can optimize it.Much appreciate!

Hold shift , then they will create 5 or as much as you have resources for.

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Well, I think the issue is that if I have two stables selected, and I hold shift and click hussar and dragoon, it will queue 5 hussars and 5 dragoons on the same stable.

It doesn’t optimize the mechanism to distribute the dragoons to the other stable.

Unless I’m much mistaken.

If you have enough resources and pop available, it will queue 5 hussars and 5 dragoons at both stables, for a total of 10 hussars and 10 dragoons.

There is no proper optimizing mechanism, but the game will attempt to use all buildings selected at the same time.

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Yes. Indeed.

I kinda prefer a system where your clicks specify exactly how many units you train. So I select 10 stables and click hussar 5 times, I get 5 hussars, not 50.

I think that’s the AoE2/4 system.

That… Does not make much sense to me…

That worth when units are created 1 by 1, in III is a bit useless since you can train blocks of 5