Can the requirement to be signed in to view mods be removed?

This is something I find really irritating. You shouldn’t need to sign in to view mods on the website. Obviously you shouldn’t be able to edit mods unless you are signed in as the creator, or give them reviews or ratings, or download anything, but you should at least be able to read the reviews, stats, and description without being signed in. It discourages me from browsing mods in game, because the “More Information” button takes me to a mod page that I always have to sign into, because it doesn’t remember that I’m signed in on a different browser. I also have a mod of my own, and I like to check it from my phone every once in a while, but my phone doesn’t remember I’m signed in. It’s just really pointless paperwork that wastes people’s time. What do people think?


@DodoNotDoDo, I’m not sure who I should ping, but I think the dev team should really look at this, and I think the people who liked my post will agree.

YES. Also I hate when I’m logged in the forums yet I still need to log in again to view the mod page. Even more so when it decides that it will ignore my log in several times in a row.

I second this suggestion

The login requirement is a Microsoft security protection related to UGC. We have requirements for reporting of inappropriate content that necessitate the need to log in.

I can see if we can extend the time you stay logged on so at least it requires it less often. I can also talk with the game teams about finding a way to have links from in game auto log you on.

So while we can’t remove the requirement we might be able to reduce the friction it currently causes.