Can the Scythians join the game?

If I could, I’d like to have a DLC called “The End of the Classics”, adding the Western Roman Empire and the Vandals,Combining the Huns, Goths, Vandals and Western Romans in the closing battle of the classical era.

At the same time, I also hope that Sassanid Persia can have its own unique battle, which can also lead to the Hephthalite, a steppe nation.

Western Rome, Eastern Rome, Sassanid Persia, these three great empires left in the classical era should have stories presented to players

Sassanid Persia does have a Historical Battle in game. It’s called Bukhara.

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But the treatment of a campaign with only one level is too lacking

Ah, so you meant a unique campaign instead of a battle? I think the devs will add one for them eventually, the Britons had the same problem until LOTW came out, then they gave the Britons theirs. The Lithuanians didn’t even have a Historical Battle and eventually got their own campaign too.