Can this pooplord guy get an actual ban?

After pooplord got 160 hours ban, he started with another account and started to grief again on stream…


Nothing of this illegal yet.

Maybe bringing wonder victory to “Conquest” mode should be done.


It’s not illegal but it is bad manners. Like putting a vill behind 100 layers of wall and hide in corners and not resign….those are legal too, but just bad behaviour online


Btw he is doing this vs much lower elo players…he need a permanent ban from aoe2 and twitch. We all need to report him to achieve this.


The combination should not matter, but the two things should be treated individually maybe.

For example against smurfing: Connect the elos of known smurf accounts, so it doesn’t work.

And enable Wonder victory maybe after 2-3 hours in conquest games. Playing games without wonder victory is asking for such strategies. He is just playing a strategy that makes it kinda impossible for him to lose. He also does not try to win maybe but it is a flaw of the game mode.


Surely it does. But again that’s not illegal yet for a permanent ban.

Smurfing is banable offense, right?

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It’s ban evasion, which IS illegal.

Side note: one of his loyal viewers got mad at me on my personal YouTube account for badmouthing him, saying that I needed to provide examples of his toxic behavior. So if y’all can do that, that’d be great…


Griefing is illegal (20 chars)


Oh missed the another account part.

Is it? Also is there a definition of “Griefing” given by game devs?

I like aoe4’s approach in this: after all your landmarks are destroyed, you lose. Similarly in AoE2, after all your TCs are destroyed (starting in the Imperial Age), you lose.


“Engaging in behaviors to purposefully undermine matches goes against the spirit of the game.” - from the code of conduct

also the moderators deliberately have some things left up to their own judgement

if it were up to me I would give him a one-day ban for griefing. and if he does it again it’s a perma ban


This is easy, to beat. You got the land so you csn mass trade and buy up all the wood. Then you mass bombard cannons and trebs and take them down in the water. For every 2 trebs you lose they will loose one cannon ship and eventuslly they run out of ress with no trade.

People crying that this meme strat is unfair and grieving need to relearn how to have fun and “play”


Yes you can, but its a pain in the rear, and the guy isn’t doing it to win, he’s just doing it for the sake of being a pain in the rear.

He already got a 1 week ban for griefing previously…


i feel like the communication should be better and clearly explain what behaviour lead to that ban

WTF are you defending him?? He’s a known a-hole. He has a long list of transgressions from flaming, griefing, smurfing, ban evasion.

and started to grief again on stream…

Admins don’t really care. It’s more about what can or cannot be blatantly held against themselves. In the meantime this a-hole still attracts viewers so it’s still indirect revenue for the game.


I’m glad there’s a definition by aoe mods. But the definition is not clear enough. A mod can completely overlook an incident while another mod can consider the exact same incident as banable under this definition.

That’s a very old way to avoid question. At least have the decency to answer. Since I already got the answer, I’ll show the decency. I just want to see punishment is implemented as per rule, not according to someone’s feelings.

I’m well aware of that. The amount of followers he has in the community is surprising and also concerning.


I mean, that’s the whole point. It’s carte blanche to ban someone if they’re being a ####.

Ultimately, the only obligation they have is to the game. If someone is making the game unfun, they should be banned, because they aren’t worth keeping around.

There is room in the community for rage bait, but they have to be good spirited about it. Some people just get off on making others miserable, and they should be ejected post-haste.


It is not possible. Those are Spanish cannon gallons. Your trebs need set up and the projectiles travels much slower than Spanish cannon gallons. Spanish cannon gallons can always snipe trebs, he has 50 vills in the middle of lake hiding. Also it takes really a long time and tedious work to try that in the first place. Poop,is basically betting on opponents not having that much time and patience to finish playimg this little pond game, while he himself has endless time online


Also he can’t do this griefing strat without his premade teammates. We need to find out who are his teammates and ban all associated accounts. And every member on that team uses different accounts all the time.


Ban evasion, noob bashing, griefing, …

What else do you have to do before you got banned?

Oh, i missed his toxic wat of chatting. That is another reason.