Can we add BC civilization?

The trailer on Gamescom is displayed from the soldiers of ancient Rome. So I always think that the age span of the game is very large, and the culture and playability are very strong. But in fact, the earliest era began in 750 ad. This greatly reduces the culture and playability, hoping to add early development years / civilizations.

For the change of dynasties, as long as there is a relationship of civilization inheritance, it can be regarded as a civilized force (such as the relationship between ancient Rome and Byzantium).

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The announcement trailer was designed to call up memories from the previous games not to reveal the substance of AoE4.


In addition, the model of characters is relatively single. For example, Chinese officials have always worn the clothes of the Ming Dynasty. Of course, mod will change these. However, I hope aoe4 officials can realize this.Thank you.



They would have to add multiple ancient civilisations so they can fight against each other in a separate gamemode. It would be essentially a different game.
That would also effectively half the number of civilisations and people want to have more civilisations.

They also show ancient greek soldiers but its just a video of previous titles in the franchise. I do hope that aoe5 will be in the Ancient timeline .