Can we all agree AOE players are smarter & have higher IQ than other gamers?

Go outside, or get a job, Soyjak

I am 6,3, I make $75,000, I have a deep voice, and my GF plays AOE

So yeah…nice try.

I do not care what you say you are. But to answer your question

[Can we all agree AOE players are smarter & have higher IQ than other gamers?]

No. I do not think so. This post looking for validation and attention is the proof.

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It’s a simple question, it’s not my fault you got triggered by it.

This is the kind of people that boast about their intelligence online, for likes, on a videogame forum. What Stephen Hawking was refering to.

I am sorry that we actually got self esteem lol

I think it’s safe to assume that people who brag about IQ are not to be taken seriously.

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man seeking for aproval by the intrnet got demolished

well IDK what intrnet is, is that a new software?

it crippling diarhea

Um, no? Personally, I would have to say ranked Total War players are smarter than AoE players. They have to use a lot more strategy and thinking ahead than AoE does. If you make one wrong move that could potentially lose you the entire game, in AoE one wrong move is bad but isn’t an automatic loss

A Math professor once famously recommended AOE to his students to keep their brains sharp (he was probably talking about AOE3 but still).

This makes sense. AOE 3 requires a higher IQ to play. The Gaussian distribution comes into play and explains why there are more players in AOE 2, because there are more average IQ people than there are higher IQ people in the population.


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