Can we …. Dev

Can we

  1. have a button (hot key) that can select all idle ground /water unit Army, that not already in a unit selected grouped.
  2. select all idle workers actually select all idle workers instead of 1 at a time.
  3. 2-3 tree to start growing but building can build over lap on baby trees.
  4. TC bell select closest 10 worker to garrison while the rest retreat to garrison outside
  5. Age building should double in resources
  6. ground unit has an option to garrison “” into dense forest but lose 50% speed lose line of sight
  7. scout unit should be at 75% speed bonus in dense forest but keep line of sight
  8. siege equipment can not cross into dense forest
  9. fish and berries and wild animals reproduce slowly in time in another location
  10. More Define troop to easily tell apart from tier upgrade or weapon and armor upgrades maybe in the UI
  11. population cap at 250
  12. siege equipment and keeps cost a tad bit more
  13. upgrade wooden fence to stone bricks option but not stone walls to match outpost

Can not think of anymore but I know I’m missing a few idea , other then that Dev great game unit sizing everything perfect


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  1. Building siege equipment outside with units should take more time

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Deep sea fish doesnt reproduce ? I heard Adam Isgreen say in an interview that deep water fish is a renewable resource that regenerates slowly over time .

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I like some of that. Hot key mostly.